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Seungmin Yoo
Photo: Simon DesRochers

Seungmin Yoo is the newest self-defined fashion hair stylist to serve the West Coast. Having the incredible advantage of working in the legendary hair salon Derek London, Seungmin is a master of precision cutting and artistic styling. Although he began his career as a makeup artist, Seungmin Yoo found his calling as a hair stylist. After working in Derek London and Axis salon, Seungmin decided to challenge himself to work beyond the salon world.

Seungmin naturally expresses himself through classic design and conceptual beauty. With ambitions towards a career in high-end fashion and photography, Seungmin’s hairstyles are frequently featured in film, television, magazine and runway fashion. He works best in collaborative ventures working with artists of all walks of life. In creating the ideal image, makeup, hair, clothing and marketing work in conjunction with one another to create a whole look of beauty and mystique.
Seungmin Yoo Hair Stylist 2016